Israeli gifts on Landday

March 31, 2012

Palestinians marked 30 march as LAND DAY wishing to return to their land-roots, and olive tree heritage.   A  day which has in the past been overlooked by more prominent calendar dates. But perhaps this year it will attract its share of attention, as Palestinians get riled up to make some peaceful protest! to mark the memory of confiscated lands and ongoing losses in 2012, in home and land-stakes.

However in response to peaceful rallies of palistaine muslims israhell unleashed its evil which result in 121 people have been injured in clashes at the Qalandiya checkpoint on the outskirts of Jerusalem on Friday

Medics in the Gaza Strip said the soldiers used live fire to prevent protesters from approaching the border of the coastal enclave, killing a 20-yearyoung Palestinian man and wounding 37 others

Palestinians are joining a “Global March to Jerusalem” in addition to the annual Land Day commemoration, which marks a deadly Israeli crackdown on protests in the Galilee in 1976, where six protesters were killed. Israeli forces have previously been put on high alert, but there were no reports of any protesters nearing the fences, unlike last year when several demonstrators were killed there. However, violence and police brutality flared at the checkpoints in West Bank to the north and south of Jerusalem.

brothers ans sisters ! Palestine is a trust on your necks  . We are undoubtedly certain that the Islamic Ummah with its army and men is truly capable of destroying the Israeli entity and bringing back the whole of Palestine to the land of Islam. The only obstacle is the rulers and the governments who recognise the Jewish entity and secure its protection. They have changed the role of the armies from fighting and martyrdom to military parade and protecting the thrones.

In spite of this, if the rulers, the government officials, and the Palestinian organizations are incapable or not willing to destroy the Jewish entity and save Palestine, they must and at least hand the authority over to those who will, without recognizing the authority of the Jewish entity over any part of Palestine. It is absolutely certain, by the will of Allah (swt), that Omar, Salahuddin, Abdul-Hamid and a group of Muslim are indeed coming to fulfil the prophecy of the Messenger of Allah (saw) by fighting the Israelis, destroying their entity and returning the whole of Palestine to the lands of Islam.


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  1. Well it’s very much clear as to how the Zionist terror state is looking at all direction to destroy the Muslim’s of Palestine and it knows as long as Egypt and the surrounding Muslim land government are there, it can continue to kill and destroy the Muslims and the land. As the article say’s if these traitors can do anything ( not that much expected from these…) then move over and allow the true Islamic State to re-emerge, then we will see how this illegal Zionist State behaves, more to the point if it will exist.

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