Persecution of Mohajir

April 10, 2012

Muhajir also known as Urdu-speaking people- مہاجر  [ migrants] is a term vaguely used by  Pakistanis to describe the immigrants, and especially their descendants, who chose to settle in Pakistan  after partition of British India toPakistan. According to the 1951 Pakistan Census: 7.2 million Muslims migrated from India to Pakistan while estimates of Western demographers vary from a high of 10 million to a low of 9 million.

As per old Records of at the Ministry of Census and Statistics, Interior  these interesting statistics were found .
– The bulk of Mohajir Migration from Hindustan was from East Punjab (80%)
– 701,300 Mohajirs Migrated from BiharWest Bengal and Orissa (9.8%)
– 464,200 or 2.4 % from UP and Delhi
– 160,400 or 2. % from Gukrat and Bombay
– 95,200 from Bhopal and Hyderabad (1.2%)
– 18,000 (0.02%) from Madras and Mysore
They  participated in the movement for creation of Pakistan in 1947. In late 60s  when the persecution of people of Indian ancestry gained momentum. It simply stated, when the Punjabis started calling them “HindustaaNRaan”, and the Pathans and Sindhis labelled them as “Panah Guzeer” and “Makars”, the immigrants started calling themselves “Mohajirs”, since they cannot really relate with the other four ethnicities .
With the inception of  Pakistan every thing run smoothly it was until field marshal Ayub khan regime came into power and systematic persecution of Mohajir community started .Before Ayub era there were seven Mohajir secretaries, 11 joint secretaries, and 24 Mohajir deputy secretaries in the Central Secretariat, in 1959  out of 48 top military elite positions, 11 were held by Muhajirs, i.e. 23 percent of the total[apoint on merit based] but gradually they started lossing there numbers   in government structure . While this silent persecution was on its way ,on political ground mohajir community strongly  opposed Ayub and sided with Fatima Jinnah in 1965 elections . This became the first  flashpoint of ethnic violence in the city between the Muhajirs and the Pakhtuns was on the celebration of the 1965 elections victory by Gauhar Ayub in Karachi. Pashtoons were called from Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (the then NWFP), who attacked various areas of Karachi and brutally killed hundreds of innocent Mohajirs. inhuman and horrific genocide of Mohajirs, who actually came to Pakistan to save themselves from the brutalities of Hindus and Sikhs in India, was conducted on winning the presidential elections; this is indeed darkest chapter of Pakistan’s history. However, so-called human rights activists, political analysts and loyalists of Pakistan always refrain from discussing this catastrophe of 1960’s and hardly utter a single word to reveal this bitter reality.
Mohajir’s sacrificed  so much to come to the new nation created in the name of Islam. Their demands like all of the Muslim that migrated was to be recognised, provided with security, honour and employment. However successive governments failed them again and again. The Mohajirs dreaming of establishing an Islamic state disappeared very quickly and even getting employment – a very basic objective was hard to come by. By the time the 1970’s came to an end the Mohajir’s felt the traditional inhabitants of Pakistan were not sympathetic to their basic demands.
During the 1970’s the PPP led by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto declared Sindhi to be the main language in Sindh via the Sindh act 1972. This was an attempt by Bhutto to deal with the large Mohajir population it also meant all teaching in schools, official documents etc was to be in Sindhi. This was seen as discriminatory by the Urdu speaking population, which eventually led to language riots for the second time in Pakistan’s history (the first being the Bangladesh language riots in 1952) between the Mohajirs and the Sindhis. A compromise solution was reached eventually which enabled both Sindhi and Urdu to be the official languages of the Sindh province. In 1978 a young student leader by the name of Altaf Hussain established the All Pakistan Mohajir Student Organisation (APMSO) and campaigned for the right of Mohajirs at Karachi University which in turn lead to the establishment of the MQM a few years later.
In 1984 the MQM lead by Altaf Hussain was officially launched with the aim of securing rights for Mohajirs and recognition as the fifth nationality in Pakistan. The MQM message resonated amongst the Mohajirs of Sindh’s largest cities Karachi and Hyderabad. In 1985 ethnic riots broke out after a bus driven by a Pathan ran over a student called Bushra Zaidi who was of Mohajir descent.
Qasba Aligarh
On 12th December 1986, Army and Police jointly conducted an operation against drug and illegal arms Mafia in Sohrab Goth. International Media stated that Mafia of Sohrab Goth was informed before conducting this operation.In order to take a revenge of Sohrab Goth Operation, arms and drug mafia planned bloodiest carnage in Orangi Town. In the morning of 14thDecember, this Mafia started armed attacks in the vicinity of Orangi, which is a Mohajir-dominated area; the pakhtoon terrorists of this mafia group, who were well-equipped with latest arms and ammunition including automatic guns (AK-47 / 7mm rifles), knives and daggers, ambushed innocent Mohajirs living peacefully in Orangi Town, opened fire indiscriminately and looted the offices, shops and markets in broad day light. These terrorists did not even spare homes of innocent Mohajirs – they intruded and burnt down dozens of houses and brutally killed hundreds of Mohajir men, women and children. It seemed as if Orangi Town was under attack and enemy’s Army has taken over control of the area. There was zero presence of police or law enforcement agencies. According to official sources, more than 600 people were killed in this incident, which includes men, women and children. This bloodshed, which started at 11.00 am, continued until 3.00 pm. Law enforcement agencies and Police imposed curfew, however by then, all the  terrorists disappeared in the hilly areas surrounding Orangi Town, where they actually came from…..
Throughout the 1980’s, ethnic violence reverted from Pathan-Mohajir to Sindhi-Mohajir  incidents occurring in Hyderabad and Karachi as the Sindhis felt the Mohajirs were becoming too dominant. This lead to an attack on the Mohajir mayor of Hyderabad.
and still people of qasba colony faces same situation ….
Hyderabad Massacre
On 30th September 1988, the infamous Sindhi nationalist & terrorist, Qadir Magsi along with his associates arrived in the densely populated areas of Hyderabad (Gari Khata, Market Chowk, Pretabad, Islamabad, Latifabad etc.), which are mainly Mohajir-dominated areas, on a task to undertake a mass murder of Mohajirs. Dr. Magsi and his armed terrorists, ruthlessly opened fire on innocent Mohajirs, due to which more than 200 were killed on the spot and scores more were injured.The dead bodies were lying around on the streets of Hyderabad, above-mentioned areas were turned into a mass slaughtering ground and blood was spread everywhere
Pakka Qilla Operation

People’s Party was in government between 1988 and 1990, under Benazir Bhutto’s premiership. During her tenure, a terrorist squad named ‘Eagle Force’ was formed by People’s Party, in order to suppress Mohajirs by killing them on massive scale. More than 2000 policemen and officials of law enforcement agencies, who were moving in nearly 150 vehicles, fired around 5000 rounds with automatic and semi-automatic weapons, on unarmed innocent Mohajirs. This heinous genocide was given the name of ‘operation against criminals’, which allowed police and law enforcement agencies to enter into the shops to loot and plunder valuable items and jewellery, slaughter men, women and children of their own country. Residents of Pakka Qila were deprived of all the basic necessities (water, power, telephone, gas etc) during this mass-murder of Mohajirs.
When innocent children started crying for food / water / milk etc., mothers came out with Quran on their head, to beg police officials to stop the operation; but police officials welcomed these women with gun shots, due to which innocent mothers were also killed. This extreme brutality was not even practised at Jalianwala by British Army, nor was this kind of butchery ever performed by Halakoo Khan or Genghis Khan. Mass-murder of Mohajir youth, women and innocent children, was carried out on 2 consecutive days (26th and 27th of May 1990), is still considered as a black chapter in the history of Pakistan – it was undoubtedly an extreme violent activity against Mohajir nation, but sadly so-called human rights activists and free and partial judiciary never took any action against the massacres of innocent Mohajirs.

By the time the 1990’s came around army was called  to maintain law and order on the streets of Karachi. This continued with both Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif when they were in power
19th June 1992-Operation cleanup
On 19th June 1992, Pakistan Army started an Operation during the government of Nawaz Sharif cleanup in the urban areas of Sindh, especially in Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Sukkur. Although, purpose of this military led operation was to cleanse criminals Dacoits, kidnappers for ransom and 72 big fish including Sardars, Wadaras and big land lords from the province of Sindh .Later on this operation diverted towards Mohajir nation.

The period in which this operation was conducted, is regarded as the bloodiest period in the history of Sindh, or it can be re-phrased as the most heinous near-genocide of Mohajirs since the creation of Pakistan, as thousands of people were extra-judicially executed by Army and law enforcement agencies, hundreds went missing – which has left endless stories of worst atrocities and crimes committed against humanity by the forces of their own country.

This army led operation was started during Nawaz Sharif’s 1st term (1992) as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and lasted until the end of Benazir Bhutto’s government in 1996, when Farooq Leghari, the then President of Pakistan, utilised his powers under Article 58 2(b) of the Constitution of Pakistan and dismissed the People’s Party’s 2nd term in Government on the charges of lawlessness and extra-judicial killings.

During this operation, thousands of Mohajirs were slaughtered and arrested, hundreds were abducted and uncountable curfews were imposed in various areas of Urban Sindh – all of the above was carried out by Pakistan Army and its agencies.

Army concocted a vicious strategy, in order to crush Mohajirs, this time the weapon which was used was extra-judicial execution– Military and para-military forces used to arrest innocent people and then they were killed in fake encounters. Newspapers were forced to publish fabricated stories of these fake encounters to show to the people of Pakistan that the Mohajirs are actually criminals and Army is taking care of them by killing them.

Following are the images of violence against people of  Karachi by the hands of Police & Rangers of Pakistan Here, Police & Rangers are rounding up Mohajirs

First, Rangers would cordoned off the “affected” area and Police would conduct a house to house search and only Mohajirs would be picked up from their homesand taken to a “Truck stop”. Where Rangers would “ask” them to board the trucks, treating them as cattles.t housands of Mohajirs have been thrown into jails w/o warrants, their only “qusoor”… being Mohajir  Some of the arrested would also become the victims  of “Fake-Encounters

On numerous occasions, women instead of men, offered Namaz-e-Janaza and under took responsibility of funeral services, since men couldn’t come out to attend these ceremonies, due to the fear of being arrested or killed by the military.

Police Stations and Army-built torture cells were filled with Mohajirs, who used to face extreme torture – forcible extraction of fingernails, toenails, body hair and / or eyes was a favourite method of torture. Even elderly Mohajirs were not forgiven and they used to get charged in false and fabricated cases of murder, attempt of murder or abduction.

First, govt would arrest them illegaly, without warrants then the “chosen ones” would be taken out of the jail and then taken to a previously cordoned off place. There Police or Ranger would shoot them in firing squad style. Next day, they would declare those killngs as “Encounters”

The army inspired action against Mohajirs inthe 1990s led to an exodus of many talented families from Karachi/Hyderabad. Hundreds and thousands of educated boys and girls were forced to migrate. They now feel secure and have no desire to return, and that leads to the impending problem with Karachi and Pakistan in general – the loss of valuable human capital. In what was called “Operation Clean-up”, more than 15,000 Mohajirs were murdered in extra-judicial killings in Karachi alone. Women were raped and were even seen carrying the bodies of their dead male relatives. The operation also ruined the economy of Karachi.
Shershah Kabari Market massacre 
*Terrorists of People’s Aman Committee headed by Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, Former Home Minister of Sindh demanded “bhatta” (extortion money) from the Mohajir shop keepers of Shershah Kabari Market. When the demands of these terrorists were not met, they killed 9 Mohajirs in the market and threatened the rest of the shop keepers of dire consequences
Abduction and Killing of Mohajirs (August 2011)
*On the 18th August 2011, terrorists of People’s Aman Committee headed by Zulfiqar Mirza kidnapped dozens of Mohajir youngsters. People’s Aman Committee’s terrorists started this barbarous campaign in the Lyari area and neighbouring areas of Lyari, after interrogating and verifying that they belong to a Mohajir family. Mohajir abductees were kept in various torture cells located in Lyari, where they were molested, tortured, beheaded and the bodies were dumped in a sack ‘Bori’, after cutting them into pieces
Above are slight glimpse of organised massacres commited by governament of pakistan    aginst mohajir nation and still its going on ……
OH my MOHAJIR brothers and sisters , Democracy and dictatorships have had their share in  commeting genocides ,they commiet such crimes in peresent state of pakistan because they know …they have complete imunity in this system ! ! Dont you think its your time to stand up aginst this system and elevate ISLAM which leads  to KHILAFHA .
final point it should be remembered that a Muslim fighting or killing a Muslim is not allowed and that the current system has allowed this to happen starting with the Muslims of East Pakistan/Bangladesh to ethnic violence and targeted killing to the War on Terror where the pure blood of the Muslims is being spilled on a daily basis in order to safe interest of 1 %  elite


  1. InshaAllah, it is well documented as well as other incidents in our history shows, that we muslims have been the victim of our own muslim regimes, and as you mentioned our only solution is in Islam and it’s Khilafah system.

  2. Jb Bhe Gulistaan Ko Khoon Ki Zrooret Pari
    Sb Say Pehly Garden Humari He Kati

    Phir Bhee Kehty Hain Yai Ehl-e-Chaman
    Yai Chaman Hai Humara Tumhara Nahee

  3. The author statement rightly proved that the massacre of the Urdu speaking people was on ethnic ground, not on religious. But surprisingly, in the end he calls for a Khilafah system. History reminds us of the mass killings of Muslims in Khilafah era too. http://newslinekarachi.com

  4. Pakistani establishment never accept Muhajirs as a Pakistani.

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