Hindu man raising a Muslim child in Lucknow

May 14, 2012

On February 2002 a tea vendor in Lucknow Aiku Lal Sandil finds a Muslim boy abandoned at a garden near his tea stall, when asked about his whereabouts the boy only remembers his name as Akbar, Aiku reports to police but the police were unable to trace the boy’s parents as there was no complain registered on missing of a three year old boy in any of the police station all over the state.
After loosing hope police advice Aiku to shift the boy to an orphanage, Aiku refuses and brings up the boy on his own, Aiku has merge income but ensures the boy gets proper education and also retains Akbar’s religion by taking him to a muslim clerk and making the child learn Quran and read Namaz daily. Soon a lovely relationship blossoms between a hindu man and a muslim boy and they both form a family of their own.
But their world turns upside down when the boy’s niological parents turn up and seek the custody of boy, but the boy refuses saying Aiku is his father-mother and wants to stay with aiku, but the boy’s biological parents go to court to claim akbar’s custody. But court pronounces judgement in favor of Aiku and acknowledges aiku’s upbringing of the boy by retaining his religion and providing education. During court proceedings we get insights about the life of aiku as how he was brought up with love an care by a Muslim family in spite of him being a Hindu.

“I am a Hindu brought up by a kind Muslim man. When I found Akbar, it was like God telling me that it is time to return the love and care I got from His people. I was never forced to change my religion and, having got that education from my guardian, it was my duty to take care of the child and bring him up as per his own religion,” Sandil says.
I got to know about this story through Crime Patrol


  1. i was moved by the humanity shown by kishanji, unbealivable in this era also people like him lives, salute to you, and at the same time feel the pain of the mother loosing a child for no fault of hers, now the biological father is no more, it is possible the union of the three ?

    • Aiku Lal ji apko lakh lakh pranam. Aap to sachmujh bhagawan hai.


    I will say only four lines composed by myself RDH in 3rd stanza of my song ‘Maharashtra Gauravgeet’:

    आम्ही सगळे बंधु-भगिनी
    पाहून घ्या हो प्रिती
    करतो हो संगती”

    Aiku & Akbar: Two religions, one family, and a court approval –

    • Thanks for crime patrol to show us this real story

    • khup chaan ! a true love affection beyond a religion

  3. it is hindu muslim ekta relation.


  5. wtf

  6. hye aiku ji apne jo kiya hai hai shyad wo asli maa baap na kar paye main aapko salam karta hoon shyad god hi aap jaison ke avtaar main duniyan main aate hain may god alwayes help you and love you love you akbar

  7. i watch this show of crime pretol. congu. crime pretol team . wel down


  9. humanity is still alive that is why the world is running quietly…..salute to the persons like that…

  10. i watch all episode of crime patrol thanks for showing this story

  11. Thanks and cong to aiku for him great achivement i watch the crime patrol episode

  12. thanks for showing this episode i have watched this episode today a hindu man raising a muslim……

  13. i salute to aiku lal sandil for his job tht he had done for a muslim child……….and if every person is like him then there is no need of anaathaalya

  14. and i thanx to show crime patrol where i have seen this story

  15. my god m fully touchd by dis story.its unbelivable dat such peoples do exist in dis world who take responsibiliy of a unknown child.a huge salute to such peoples

  16. awesome

  17. As i watched dis story in my tv i felt so emotional n proud.still there is humanity in dis world.keep it up n best wishes 4 their glowing future

  18. Sochne wali baat hai…ek side Gujrat riots hai jo insaaniyat ko sirminda karte hai aur ek side Aiku jaise baade dil wale insaniyat ki misaal bane huwe hai.It high time to think that we 1st try to be a good human being after than a Hindu or muslim. HATS OFF…TO AIKU

  19. Really a great story thanks to crime patrol

  20. thnx to crime petrol for showing the story of kishanji.
    it is great example of humanity.
    its happens only in india.

  21. Thanks to crime patrol for showing us such a truth story..this story shows us that humanity is still alive in this world

  22. This story touched my heart and brought me to tears. God bless Aikuji and Akbar. Our leaders who manipulate the Hindu/Muslim relationship to suit their own vote banks have a lot to learn from Aiku and Akbar.

  23. No religion can be bigger than humanity

  24. heart touching story & which is real one, i had tears when i saw the episode

  25. Excellent job done by Aiku Sir .I am proud of this country as it consists of man like Aiku

  26. Thanks to crime patrol to show such a story which teaches us humanity is upper then religion…..

  27. Hats off to Aiku equally hats off to that Muslim father n family who wrote this story from the beginning because if that Muslim man would have been not done that, we might would have been not seen this great picture of humanity. Please live n let live. Peace peace peace no war no hate. No Indian, no Pakistani, no Hindu, no Muslim Just HUMANITY at top. Thanks every one. I am from Pakistan but salute to India too as this heart touching story is coming from India & I don’t feel shy to salute a country where such great humans are living. Please all my brother & sisters don’t hate just love each other as we lives our life just once, where we hardly finds time for love then how can we find time for hate. Please think about it. Everywhere we can find such people’s we just need to fine tune ourselves then trust me everyone of us will find Aiku & Akbar. Thanks.

  28. you a very good person. you had given introduction of humanity.

  29. the dharm is inside our soul. it is bigger than any religion in this world. To establish dharm inside u have to become aatm-yogi & Aiku is the yogi which is beyond any religion

  30. what is the outcome of the Supreme court

  31. i had saw episode of crime patrol (repeat telecast) today…. i m right now just saluting to aiku & his humanity… this is our real india..jai hind……jay bharat….

  32. And one more thing Thankx to crime patrol for showing “”Kishanji” episode.I SALUTE Aiku and crime patrol for this great job.

  33. Thanx to crime patrol for bringing up the story.The story of Akbar n Aiku shows that humanity still exists. This story is a real example to our nation where caste n religious discrimination still exist in certain strata of our society.

  34. Thank you very much to Crime Petrol for showing such a beautiful real story… Keep it up Mr Anup Soni

  35. i wants to thanks crime petrol for showing this real story. this story really touch my heart .i was cried.

  36. Love, Care & relationship more then any religion. Here “Humanity” win !!!

  37. very heart touching story….this is the best example of hindu-muslim ekta…

  38. ye kahani gavah ha ke hamare bharat desh me anekta me bhi ekta ha…. Salute ma country.
    N thanks crime patrol a incridible show. U will might catch ur target

  39. Very good episode to watch. Thanks Crime Petrol.

  40. salute to u Aiku ji , u r a great inspiring man ever born in India

    • very very nice story hindu muslim


  41. i harish datt come to know that story through crime patrol, and truly saluate to the aiku that what’s great job he is doning for nothing.
    God bless aiku and akbar and thanks to crime patrol too…

  42. this story is a huge epitome of humanity in this world where everyday ppl belonging 2 different religions n castes fight for their so called “dharm”. this is the actual dharm which 1 must show 2 b close 2 GOD.

  43. I salute the courage and stamina of the man of raising and nuturing the lovely gift of ALMIGHTY.


  44. we are very proud of you and the kind of work u have done .hats off to

  45. in this unstoppable world there is some kind hearted peoples who stop or wait for someone else…………..

  46. This is not story, its reality and seriously guys I am changed. Today only I have seen this episode.

  47. It is unbelivable story amazing wow. It is true huminity. Which is remain upper from any religion. I am slute him by deep heart. Thank you very much to crime petrol dastak to show it all that.

  48. This story touched my heart
    and brought me to tears. God
    bless Aikuji and Akbar. Our
    leaders who manipulate the
    Hindu/Muslim relationship to
    suit their own vote banks have
    a lot to learn from Aiku and
    Akbar. so nice ..

  49. As i watched dis story in my tv i felt so emotional n proud.still there is humanity in dis world.keep it up n best wishes 4 their growing future..allha aur bhagwan ap ko acha rakhe……from,kabeer sayyed,

  50. Great example of humanity, courage, devotion and love. Aiku ji aap ne apne abbu ji ke great work ko bakhubi nibhaya hai aur ham sabhi ko Insaniyat ka bahut bada path pathaya hai. Aisi insaniyat ki hamen sakht jaroorat hai.
    Best wishes for Akbar and Aiku ji.
    I believe in future, Akbar will take care of Aiku ji and his biological mother also.
    Thanks Crime Patrol team.
    Thanks to the judges for giving respect to humanity.

  51. aap jaise logo se hi aaj insiniyat jinda h. apke jajbe aur insiyaniyat ko mera namaskar.

  52. wel…a big thanks to CRIME PATROL show…who have showed diz..really moved by seeing ..As in out society,tz really important for all of us to know about such a real and great story…we have to take a lesson and throw out d depth roots of religions &,customs from our society..A great salute to Aiku ..thanks for teaching us a great and valuable lesson in our life..:)

  53. Humanity will remain only , hats off to aiku sir

  54. aap ku salam kartao Aiku sahab

  55. I salute crime and aiku.

  56. Aise naujawan hamare desh ka naam roshan kr rhe hai qki aajkal toh religious ko lekar dost dost ladh jate hai.. Mein aise logo ko salam krta hun dil se..

  57. It’s called real humanity.

  58. hats off sir apne jo kaam kiya hai saayad aur koi n kre qki sab abhi bhi hindu aur muslim me bhedbhaav karte hai

  59. Kishanji jaise log hamare desh ko bhut jarurat hai. I salute the crime petrol

  60. Respect Sir! #humanity is still alive proves it all

  61. Aiku ji aapko shat shat pranaam.

  62. great salute to great man Aiku……………………..,salamat rahe dostana tumhara…………………(maaf kare shabdo k meaning galat na samjhe…….) ye meri dili khwahish hai…………………….Suresh Chandra…………………………………………..

  63. this story really sets an example ,which shows our national unity.The divisive people must learn fro mr Aiku ji,what India really meant

  64. This can happen ONLY in INDIA …..!!!!!!

  65. This can happen ONLY in INDIA …..!!!!!! See all the HINDUs /& / MUSLIMs and the ALL world how WE live in INDIA …..!!!!!

  66. insaniyat esi ka naam h

  67. i salute Mr. Aiku Lal . earth is blessed to have such people . also a special thanx to crime petrol to bring this case in front of the world …….. armand shrofff

  68. HATS OFF to Aiku Lal..!!
    Thank you crime petrol for showing this heart touching story.. at the end of episode i had tears in my eyes.. A great work of humanity done by Aiku lal..

  69. Salaam hai iss insaan ko………
    Yeh hota hai manusya hum nahi…..

  70. what a story . i am very proud of aiku lal.

  71. insaaniyat ki saari hadhe paar kar di Aiku lal ji aapko shat shat naman…

  72. I salute the great man Mr Aiku lalJi. We need people like him who can change the world and the meaning of humanity in this era… great effort by a great personality….

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