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Astonishing aqwal e zareen !

March 6, 2013
  • Deep-Thoughts-pirates-of-the-caribbean-18164409-400-477When God gifts us to the World, the World receives us with two hands. When He recalls us – the World throws us back with four hands.
  • Tolerance is a positive force, which teaches us to live not only with the positive but also the negative forces.
  • The existence of the company of the Devil made me conscious of the value of the company of God.
  • sword may be used for defending and offending. It is the purpose which gives value.
  • If someone is jealous of you, it should make you happy, as it means there is something special and worthwhile in you which the jealous person lacks.
  • Don’t worry, think instead.
  • Infatuation … like cold winds in the midst of summer. Dark clouds, raindrops, chilly winds … as in winter. It is not winter … it is not love.
  • Foreign service – a virtual life of self-imposed exile.
  • To reach the destination is desirable. But the reach to the destination is enjoyable.