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May 21, 2014

MI-BM996_bcci2_DV_20120109193749“Mr. Abedi’s only crime was that he stood up and fought the disciples of the evils in the developed world,” Jam Saddiq Ali, a Pakistani politician, said at the time of the U.S. extradition request.

In Pakistan, Abedi was seen as a modern Robin Hood, taking from the West and giving to the Third World. His bank built hospitals and schools in Pakistan, and the BCCI foundation gave millions of dollars in scholarships and research grants.

Many of us who don’t  know about MR.AGHA HASAN ABEDI  also known as “Agha Sahab”   born in Lucknow (India), in a family of noble descent. After taking a masters degree in English Literature and graduating in Law, he began his banking career in Bombay with Habib Bank. The partition of the Indian Sub-Continent in 1947 brought about dramatic changes in its banking system. It created a near vacuum of banking services in the area, which became Pakistan. Habib Bank Limited moved its Head Office to Pakistan in order to fill this vacuum and became virtually the unchallenged leading bank .  Read the rest of this entry ?